The Aspirations of Crews or Athletes entering for Henley royal regatta may be summed up under three headings.

  1. Winning
    Henley is only a true aspiration for Internationals, High Performance Rowing Clubs, Universities or Top Schoolboys. There are of course, plenty of deluded individuals and coaches, who turn up to race thinking that they actually have a chance in hell of getting close to seeing Sunday from the water, only to find themselves drinking in Remenham Farm somewhat earlier than they'd hoped...

    The women’s events at Henley Royal Regatta are won by Internationals.

  2. Having a Good Run
    Only a viable option for Medium to High performance Clubs, Schools and Universities. It is possible for majorly low performance clubs to get through to Thursday but only by the fluke of actually qualifying and then drawing another low performance club as opponents on Wednesday (or entering an event that is under subscribed and starts on Thursday).

    Realistically crews of this type should be classed as looking at qualifying only.

  3. Qualifying
    Any truly low performance Club or athlete will have the aspiration of merely qualifying, as they are realistic enough to realise that they might just be fractionally faster than all the other 74 low performance clubs who are trying to gain one of the four available qualifying spaces and will just get in through the qualifiers., but no more.

    In extreme circumstances they might pre-qualify but then proceed to make a mockery of rowing.(q.v)

    This is a topic in its own right, as pre-qualification is based on the most bizarre criteria imposed by the stewards and thus warrants its own examination...