hey babu riba
Starring: Gala Videnovic, Nebojsa Bakocevic, Dragan Bjelogrlic, Srdjan Todorovic, Goran Radakovic
Director: Jovan Acin
Year of release: 1986
Country: Yugoslavia
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Plot summary
Hey Babu Riba shares certain plot similarities with Kimberly but is much better both in terms of script and acting and unlike Kimberly it doesn't try to be a comedy.

A coming of age movie, it starts when four Yugoslavian men living in different places, are stunned when they hear that a woman they all used to love, has died.

After phoning round to make arrangements, they meet at her funeral in Belgrade, where it soon comes out that her surviving daughter was possibly fathered by one of the four. The question is, who was it?

The movie then takes us back to Belgrade in July 1953, when they were seventeen. The friends are at school together, they all play in an orchestra and also row together - the girl, Miriana is their coxswain.

The boys call themselves "The Foursome", and call Miriana "Esther" after Esther Williams, whose music from Bathing Beauty becomes a theme tune for them. The boys are all a bit in love with Esther but she sees them only as friends.

Eventually, love does catch up with Esther, but with a fifth man, an older newcomer from the provinces who rows for another club.

The newcomer is called Ristic, but they nickname him Joe because he has a tattoo of Joseph Stalin on his left hand.

Seriously ill, Esther's mother dies just before Esther discovers that she's pregnant, but she says nothing about being up the duff to her crew or to her boyfriend and instead hatches a plot to return to her father.

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