Blondie goes to college
Starring: Janet Blair, Lloyd Bridges, Jonathan Hale, Arthur Lake
Director: Frank R. Strayer
Year of release: 1942
Country: USA
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Plot summary
This is the tenth film (of 28) in the Blondie film series.

Dagwood decides he wants to go to college for the first time. Later, Blondie wants him to stop dreaming and not be late for work this morning. Later Blondie decides to talk to Mr. Dithers who thinks it's a great idea for Dagwood to go to college to get it out of his system and he thinks Blondie should go to.

They pretend they're not married and Blondie is soon geting lots of attention from the university's top athlete. A jealous Dagwood joins the rowing team and gets some action of his own courtesy of a pretty co-ed.

Rowing info
Having proven to be useless at every other conceivable college sport, Bumstead jumps at the chance to start rowing. Happily ensconced in the number five seat with his natural "over the head" rowing technique, Dagwood soons finds himself lined up against his wife's admirer's crew in the big race.

The race involves footage of two semi-nekkid rowing crews (the actors) intercut with what looks suspociously like Harvard-Yale clothed boatrace footage, including a nice shot of rowing spectators being driven down the course on moveable seating on railway tracks.

All goes fine until our hero catches the mother of all crabs (deliberately by the looks of things) and then jumps overboard.

The rest of his crew then start to undo their oars, fling them out of the boat and follow, in an attempt to make it look like a capsize (but as any fule kno, that doesn't happen in real life).

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