Harvard Man
Starring: Adrian Grenier, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joey Lauren Adams, Eric Stoltz, Rebecca Gayheart
Director: James Tobak
Year of release: 2001
Country: USA
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Plot summary
Alan Jensen, is a top basketball player for the Harvard college team. He's also carrying on relationships with one of his professors and a Holy Cross cheerleader named Cindy (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

After a tornado strikes in his hometown in Kansas, Alan needs to raise $100,000 to help repair the family home but his only option is to convince a local crime lord to loan him the money, and that crime lord just happens to be Cindy's father.

Given the option to throw a single game in favor of Dartmouth, Alan takes the money, drops some acid, loses the game, and proceeds to get in deep with the FBI, his fellow teammates, and the two women who use him for sex.

In a word - shite

Rowing info
Well it's set at Harvard so what do you expect?

A scene setting river Charles shot, with the Harvard boathouse in the background and a couple of random scullers doing their thing, in the opening credits, followed by a few simlilar backdrops during the film.

Very much in the background and very easy to miss.

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