School Ties
Starring: Dominic West, Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Juliet Stevenson, Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Marcia Gay Harden
Director: Mike Newell
Year of release: 2003
Country: USA
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Plot summary
Set in 1953, Katherine Watson (Roberts) is a free-spirited graduate of UCLA who accepts a teaching post at Wellesley College, a women-only school where the students are torn between the repressive mores of the time and their longing for intellectual freedom.
Rowing info
Although the movie stars Dominic West, who played Donald McDonald in the most famous rowing movie of all time, True Blue, alas we don't see Mr West picking up an oar again in this particular film.

There's a brief clip (3 seconds) of a women's crew rowing, towards the end of the film, some of which is used in the movie trailer which you can watch at

but that's all folks.

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