The object of my affection
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Alan Alda, Nigel Hawthorne
Director: Nicholas Hytner
Year of release: 1998
Country: USA
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Plot summary
Adapted from the book of the same title by Stephen McCauley, the plot focuses on social worker Nina Borowski and school teacher George Hanson who become friends after a chance encounter at a dinner party thrown by Nina's step-sister Constance.

When George's breaks up with his boyfriend, he moves in with Nina and they become the perfect couple... except George is gay, so being more than friends is out of the question.

When Nina becomes pregnant by her idiot boyfriend Vince, she asks George if he will raise the baby with her, and become their own special "family". Despite his initial reservations, George accepts her offer, but things slowly begin to take a bad turn when Nina realises her real feelings for George.

Meanwhile George finds love with Paul, a young budding actor, which puts his friendship with Nina under threat.

Rowing info
George goes back to his old college after being invited by his ex - Dr Joley, who's speaking at a conference. While there he meets Paul and while they are sitting on the river bank there is a brief shot of a four rowing past, prompting George to confide to Paul that he once lusted after his college room mate, Trotter bull, who was a rower.

The footage was shot at a reservoir in New Canaan, Connecticut (with a crew from New York Athletic Club Rowing providing the backdrop),

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