Lets face it, most of these movies won't be in your DVD collection or available at Blockbusters, so if the Rabbit's Guide has wet your appetite for more, where can you get hold of them? Here are a few tips.

  1. Ebay... Ebay... EBay... Ebay... - what more can I say? Except that, unfortuately, quite a few of those mentioned are only available on US VHS tapes (which don't play on UK machines), so that "bargain" might be useless when it finally arrives - so if you're in the UK, make sure you're buying PAL VHS not NTSC VHS.

  2. Most of the documentaries listed can be bought from the linked sites at exorbitant prices, and some are even available on DVD (best to make sure your machine is chipped to take multi-region DVDs). Those with broadband can watch the "Gold Fever" episodes on line from the BBC site.

  3. Those with Cable or satellite TV, should keep an eye on the TCM channel, as they quite often show old classics like "A Yank at Oxford" or "Blondie goes to college".

  4. Be nice to the rabbit, as his collection may be lent out in exchange for carrots or beer.

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