School Ties
Starring: Joe Pesci, Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Hamilton
Director: Alek Keshishian
Year of release: 1995
Country: USA
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Plot summary
Harvard student Monty Kessler (Brendon Fraser) loses his thesis after his computer crashes and he drops the only hardcopy down a grate into the library basement where it's found by a Simon Wilder, a homeless bum.

Finding himself being blackmailed for food in exchange for one page at a time, Kessler is forced to spend time with the tramp and starts to find out more about the sort of person he really is.

Rowing info
Bit of a cheat this one, as there's no rowing in it -- just rowers...

Kessler's female roommate, played by Moira Kelly, is supposed to be a coxswain for the Harvard men's crew, but after one brief scene at the start of the film when they're running past the frozen river charles in Harvard kit, there's no further mention of it - she never talks about rowing, never complaints about early morning outings, does no races and there aren't any drying waterproofs all over their apartment...

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