Celebrity rowing rabbit at
9th OCTOBER 2005

the new shed

Rabbit likes shiney bobbles

Boris Johnson post outing

  • BORIS JOHNSON MP talks openly about his battle with hair gel

  • BEN WEBB How the ex-lightweight got his diet back on course

  • ANDY SYMONS The disgraced supermodel takes stock of his life as he marks another birthday

  • UTRC Captain JULIET MACHAN throws open the doors to her stunning new boat shed

  • DI ELLIS tells how she has been inspired by one rabbit’s touching story

  • MARTIN HUMPHYRS The TRRC Chairman continues his campaign for world domination

  • RACHEL QUARRELL joins Lizzy and David Reid at a haute couture reception

  • FASHION A junior invasion at Henley Fashion Week

  • PETE McCONNELL gets a vote of confidence from rowing friends as allegations rock his career

  • PETER SUTHERLAND counts the cost to our health and economy of our hunger for karaoke

  • ANDY TRIGGS-HODGE talks candidly about his sporting life

  • STEVE DANCE A surprising end to the mysterious story

  • PAUL STUART BENNETT charts his journey from newsreader to successful goat breeder

  • IAIN BROWN Chairman of Wokingham District Council tells the Rabbit why our kids deserve a sporting chance

  • ELISE LAVERICK gets the star treatment on rowing's Walk of Fame

  • Our OLYMPIC ROWERS talk exclusively about their entry in the pairs' head

  • RICHARD PACKER throws open the door to his stylish new furniture shop

  • JUDY PACKER invites the Rabbit into her St Tropez hideaway to talk about love and life

  • TONY EVANS talks frankly about the struggle to put the racing calendar in order

  • GUIN BATTEN The UTRC coach tells us why she's at home in a Dragon Boat

  • DARREN RHODES A night on the town with the rabbit

  • Fresh from his latest victory WILL HOODLESS reveals the secrets of his sculling success

  • PETER AND BETH charm their way across Henley on a whistlestop tour.

  • SYD RAND The next step in his fashion career?

  • PETER McCONNELL parties his hangover away with the Rabbit.

  • RICHARD ALLAN invites us aboard his luxury yacht to talk about rowing.
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