03-09-04 CLUB HOPPING 2004 (updated May 05)

That familiar chill is back in the air as we head into September, and thoughts turn to winter training and the possibilities of heading to pastures new for next season. Whether you're looking for a better coach, a different level of training intensity or just a change of scenery, there's bound to be one club in the Thames area that can meet your needs.

Details are provided by the clubs themselves, to get your club added or any details updated -- mail me at slug@twrc.org

The new season kicks-off for AK on Saturday 18th September.
Men at 8am, Women at 12pm (times alternate weekly thereafter as usual).

There is also a meeting for on Thursday 16th September at 7.30pm in Hammersmith (meet outside the clubhouse) to cover plans for the forthcoming season, followed by drinks in the Rutland (OK - it's an excuse for an early social!)

New faces (whether novice, senior, vet, coach or cox) are welcome to turn to either the 16th and/or 18th - contact Nick Hubbard (Captain) for further information on 07713 985800.

Women's Squad: Martin Gill continues as Head Coach, with the support of Fiona Richmond, Sean Gibson and Martin Gough.

Men's Squad: Alex Di Luzio continues as Head Coach, and is ably supported this year by a team consisting of Giles Bedford, Steve Aitken and Elly Upperton.

Ramsey Ismail will be the club's Novice Sculling coach, providing tuition to those that want to try it out using both hands.

AK are back and raring to go on the back of one of our most successful seasons ever. A full programme of training and racing is in place both before and after the completion of our clubhouse refurbishment.

The refurbished clubhouse is scheduled for completion by December and will establish AK not only as the No.1 club in Hammersmith on the water - but off it as well!

To find out more, take a look at the website at www.akrowing.com

New to rowing - Contact Caroline on novicecaptain@bblrc.com.

Others should contact Elizabeth on deputycaptain@bblrc.com

Land Training from 1st October includes Ergs (Mondays), Weights (Tuesdays) and Circuit Training (Thursdays). On the water training every Saturday and Sunday 8:30/9:00am.

The club Captain is Tammy Davis (captain@bblrc.com)

Club telephone number is 020 8994 0025

Why should you try Barnes Bridge Ladies ? Well, as it says in the title, we are a "ladies" club. What this actually means on a day to day basis is that ALL our boats are the correct size for women's crews, No more pulling into your chin in a 90kg boat with size 11 shoes that you keep coming out of.

We have all boat configurations available from an Empacher single up to a Sims Evolution 8. We also live in a charming old boathouse set in its own garden,(shared with Cygnet RC, mostly men....), with spacious changing rooms, kitchen, bar and club room. In early October, we will also have a dedicated 80 square metre training room, fitted out with erg's and free weights etc.

We're a very open and friendly club of approximately 40 active rowers and growing fast. We make sure we have fun in conjunction with rowing and training to be successful all year round. We'd like to open the doors and welcome you along, so please get in touch if you're interested in joining

Website www.bblrc.com

all adult rowers:
Men – Thurs 16 Sep, 8.30pm in the club bar
Women – Wed 22 Sep, 8.30pm in the club bar
Contact details:
  • Giles Chalk (Men's Captain), Tel. 07919 448039 Email giles.chalk@astrazeneca.com

  • Danielle te Vruchte (Women's Captain), Tel. 07754 395554 Email dvruchte@onetel.com

  • Suzy Drohan (Juniors' Coordinator), Tel. 01865 744165 Email sdrohan@ocwa.demon.co.uk

  • Amy Jackson (Club Captain), Tel. 01865 7752383 Email amy.jackson@mdc.og.uk

  • Beginners Courses: John Hill (Coach), Tel. 01235 519910 or 0794 641 9711 Email handson@onetel.com

    We’re aiming to build on our success of two wins at the National Championships, finalists at Women’s Henley and a crew through to Friday at HRR this year, as well as over 80 wins at senior, novice and junior level. Or just come along for the beer!

    Website is www.i.am/corc

    New members meeting- WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPT 7.30PM - Contact d_hiller@hotmail.com

    Squad members (men+women) meeting - WEDNESDAY 29th SEPT 8.30PM - Contact ray_cassidy@yahoo.co.uk

    Both meetings will be at the Trafalgfar Rowing Centre, Crane Street, Greenwich

    Head Coach - Ray Cassidy

    Men's Coaches - Dave Keogh, Brian Northcroft, Ray Cassidy

    Women's Coaches - Martina Rizzoli, Ariana Ropiha, Heather Prince, Pedro Figueira

    We will also be bringing in specialist coaches on a regular basis to work with the squads.

    Rowers living in south, south-east or east London should join the most successful rowing club in the region for the past few years, if they want to row and compete to win.

    Following on from last year success for the women squad (semi-finalists at WHR) and participation in HRR by the men's squad, we aim to build on the existing squads. We have a number of new coaches which have joined the club and will offer members the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

    See www.curlewrowingclub.co.uk for more information.

    Kick-off meeting and first outing: 9am Saturday 2nd October

    Coaches: Mike Collier, Nick Rowett plus guests
    Club website www.cygnet-rc.org.uk

    Captain Mike Collier (mcollier@btinternet.com)

    Training: 9am Saturday/Sunday (on-the-water); 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (land)
    All levels of rowers and coxes are welcome

    All squads – Saturday 11th September @ 9.00 am

    Potential new members (unable to make 11th) – contact the Captain Elect, John Sismey (see other info) for an introduction to the club and to arrange a meeting with coaches.

    John Spencer & Jenny Rachel will continue to take charge of the senior men’s and women’s squads respectively.

    Keith Patton will be taking charge of the Development squad

    EERC are based in Windsor, Berkshire on one of the best and calmest stretches of water for training (5km lock to lock). The new Lottery funded Clubhouse also overlooks and provided easy access to Dorney Rowing Lake. The Club offers plenty of racking for private sculls, a gym and separate ergo room

    Most water sessions are held Saturday and Sunday mornings @ 8.00am during the winter with various land training @ the Clubhouse in the evenings during the week

    EERC cater for all rowing levels from those seeking to compete at National level to new starts, women & men and Vets & Juniors. We are a mid sized but very friendly club so all new members are soon made welcome.

    For more information on EERC contact the Captain Elect, John Sismey (Tel: 07736 673950. Email : johnsismey@btinternet.com).

    Please see our website for more information www.etonexcelsiorrowingclub.org

    Please contact us by email on furnivall_sc@hotmail.com to arrange to chat at the club.

  • Women's squad - new season meeting: 10am Saturday 25th September

  • Men's squad - new season starts: Saturday 4th September

  • Sculling groups - all year round (competitive and recreational)

  • Veteran's sculling and rowing

  • Beginners - we have an ongoing group (men and women), please contact us for details of the next course
    Bill Mason, Director of Rowing at Imperial College and coach at Westminster School, continues to act as coaching advisor at Furnivall.

    Women's squad: Ray Sullivan and Steven Albrecht

    Men's squad: Alex Brown and Mark Ruscoe

    Sculling group: Steve Kerr

    Please email us on furnivall_sc@hotmail.com or Tel: 0208 748 6867 (best times to call are 7pm Wed and 10am Sat/Sun)

    The club captain is Val Snewin

    Club location: 19 Lower Mall, between Hammersmith Bridge and Furnivall Gardens - See our website: www.furnivall.org

    We are a friendly, well equipped, well organised and expanding club, competitive from novice to Nat Champs medal-winning level. We have strong men's and women's squads, as well as veterans, a beginners group and sculling programmes.

    We aim to send competitive crews to Henley Women's Regatta, Henley Royal Regatta and all the major Tideway Head races. We won the Victor Ludorum at Peterborough Summer this year (winning from novice to elite status, in both sweep and sculling boats) and the club has won medals at Nat Champs for the past four years, including bronze medals in W4+ and W4- this year. We hope that Furnivall can cater for your rowing-work-life balance.

    Athletes meeting at the club on Thursday 16th September at 7.30pm. Everyone, including new faces (senior/ vet/ novice/ coach and coxes) are welcome.

    Men and Women senior/ intermediate squad start up on Saturday 18th September at 8.00am

    The KRC Club Captain is Nigel Wilson-Dykes

    KRC is based on a beautiful stretch of non-tidal Thames water between Teddington Lock and Hampton Court. A great place to train in both the sweep and scull disciplines and all complemented by a lack of sewerage.

    This Saturday, 11th September, sees the third annual club triathlon that looks to raise funds for the club. Interested parties can find out more on our website. www.kingstonrc.co.uk

    This season sees small boat training initially with circuit training available at the club on Tuesday &/or Thursday evenings. Double outings on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00am.

    Further information on our website or by contacting info@kingstonrc.co.uk

    The kick off meeting was on Tuesday 31st August and training started on 2nd September.

    anyone who wants to join should contact club captain Colin O'Malley at lrc_captain@yahoo.co.uk

  • Paul Reedy
  • Richard Philips
  • Tam Richmond
  • Chris Drury
  • Ben Delaney
  • Pedro Figueira
    Following on from winning the Thames Cup and Wyfold Challenge Cup at Henley this year, our preparation for the new season begun on the 2nd September. We have one of the best fleets in the country with 90% of our current racing fleet being under 3 years old.

    We have a strong coaching team and we are committed to providing an environment for motivated athletes to realize their goals

    Club website www.londonrc.org.uk/

    Maidenhead have pretty much completed their "start up" meetings for all squads for next season.

    For any enquiries please contact the captain, Philip Munslow (Captain@maidenheadrc.org.uk)

    Club website www.maidenheadrc.org.uk
    Mens squad – There will be a pre-season meeting at the club on Tuesday 11th September starting at 7.30pm for new and existing athletes. Training will start the following Saturday at 7.30am.

    John Gill continues as head coach with technical expertise coming from Paul Franklin, Alan Hooker and John Stevenson.

    Dr Paul Thomas and Sean Farrelly will oversee Performance Monitoring and Land Training respectively. We also welcome Tony Buzan, author of “Head Strong” and “use your head” and former Olympic coach to the team.

    The rowing club is on the Berkshire side of the river right next to Marlow Bridge and opposite the Compleat Angler Hotel.

    Rowing at weekends from 7.30am though times may vary.
    Weights circuits every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30pm with Long distance land training Mondays and Wednesdays.

    For further info please see our website www.marlowrowingclub.org.uk

    Or contact tom75mcgibbon@hotmail.com

    The Squad meets for official start of training on the 25th September at 7.30 in the morning for all squads
    Coach / Contact for the women's squad is Brian Steele (07830 202890)

    Coach / Contact for the men's squad is Simon Cox (07808 796229)

    The official website is www.moleseyboatclub.org the gorilla nest will be online again soon (details to follow)

    Standard training is 7.30 Sat and Sunday and 6.30pm at the club for evenings in the week with Friday off.

    Mornings will start a bit later in the year.

    Our open meeting will be Wednesday 15th Sept at 7.30pm in the Lawson Room at the club
    Ibis Lane
    Hartington Road
    W4 3LJ
    Richard Tinkler, Ian Roots and Tim Bramfitt plus guest coaches throughout the year.

    Novices - Nina Padwick and John Wade run the learn to row programe, taking rowers up to first racing experiences.

    contact - Website: www.maabc.com;
    phone: 020 8894 1628;
    Email: Ian Roots or Richard Tinkler at ian@maabc.com for Squadlevels A/B/C (see below for details)

    Novices - Learn to row programmes run throughout the year. Contact Nina on nina@maabc.com

    This year we are aiming to run three groups of athletes:

  • A: Top level athletes aspiring to attend GB trials - people training approx 16 sesions per week
  • B: Club level - serious training athletes aiming at top level club events but working full time training approx 12 sessions per week
  • C: Intermediate level - those athletes that want to race but not as seriously as group A or B training approx 5-8 sessions per week

    Each group will have a separate training program which acknowledges the different levels of time available and committment levels.

    Squad training sessions are:
    Saturday: 7am and 9.30am water outings
    Sunday: 7am and 9.30am water outings
    Monday: circuits
    Tuesday: morning (6.15am) rowing; evening weights
    Wednesday: morning rowing; evening ergo
    Thursday: morning rowing; evening weights
    Fri off / recovery

    Men’s squad - meeting Wednesday 15th September 8pm with winter training starting on Saturday 18th September at 7.45am

    Vet’s squad - meeting Thursday 16th September 9pm

    Women’s squad - training starts on Saturday 11th September 7.45am

    Contact details
    Men’s squadBen Melham (ben_melham@hotmail.com)
    Women’s squadVanessa Robert (vanessa.robert@southcorp.co.uk)
    Vet’s squadTom Martensson (t.martensson@hackeryoung.com)

    Men – Anthony Cake.

    Performance Coach - Angus Warner

    Women – Amanda Birikinshaw

    Building on the success of last season with wins for both men and women’s squads at S4, S3, S2. Training takes into account that we all have lives and that you don’t have to do 14 sessions a week to win at S2.

    Double outings on Saturdays 7.45 – 11.00am Single outings Sundays 9.00am.

    Club is open Monday – Thursday evenings for ergo’s and weights with club run circuit training on Thursdays at 7.30pm.

    At Putney Town we believe that we have just about got the ratio right between training and the consumption of beer.

    Club Website - official www.putneytownrc.co.uk
    Unofficial www.dreadnought.org.uk

    At the Boathouse, Ibis Lane, Chiswick

    There will be a open meeting starting at 8:00pm at the club on Tuesday 21st Sept - for new and existing members to learn about the ambitions, targets and the plan for the coming winter season at Quintin.

    Richard White, John Peters and Pete Twyman offer coaching across Men's and Women's Senior, Junior, Novice and Veteran sweep and sculling groups
    The club will be attending a number of winter sculling and small boats heads.

    Quintin has the largest fleet of Empachers in the country and operates a flexible approach to athletes with work / family commitments.

    Club telephone: 020 8994 3715

    For further information please see our Website: www.quintinboatclub.org

    Men's squad - training starts 4th September

    Women's squad - start date to be confirmed

    Mens squad -
  • Peter Politzer Senior Squad
  • Dave Martin / Jason Masserella –Development squad
  • Tony pigot – Novice Squad

    Women's squad

  • James Parris – Senior Squad
  • Will Curtis-Brown – Development
  • Charlie Simpson - Novice Squad

    Junior Squad

  • Simon Brind – J16-18
  • Rob Burnage – Beginners
  • Tom Cronin – Project Oarsome
    Club is located on a 6km stretch of the Thames in Reading. All details are on the website at www.readingrc.org

    Men's squad main contact - Phil Wortley (philwortley@mac.com)

    Junior squad Main Contact: Peter Oldfield (peter_oldfield@fwuk.fwc.com)

    Vets squad Main Contact: Richard Hulme (richard.hulme@cb-group.co.uk)

  • Men's squad - First meeting at 11am on Saturday 25th September. First outing at 8am on Sunday 26th
  • Women's squad - First meeting at 2pm on Sunday 26th September. First outing at 8am on Saturday 2nd October
  • Beginners, Novices and Veterans - We take new people all year round please see our website for details.
    We are always on the look out for new coaches to join our team. If you coach for Sons of the Thames then we'll help with the cost of getting ARA qualifications. For those that have a long way to travel then we will normally pay expenses.

    Current coaches
    Head Coach - Ross Smitheman (ARA Silver Award)
    Men's squad: Andy Hadcroft, Les Scrine
    Women's squad: Paul Fitzwilliam, Tony Brown
    Novices: Bill Helps, Simon Reynolds
    Sculling group: Erol Kephalas (ARA Silver Award)

    Please contact us through our website - www.sonsrowing.org.uk - or by calling Graham Redman (07779 113259) or Alice Blair (07909 912314)

    Sons has proved that with flexibility, determination and the right organisational and training structures, you can pursue a demanding career, train and perform at high levels and still have fun doing it. We are a very friendly club and welcome everyone from complete beginners to elite rowers and scullers. Sons' rowers tend to have a range of experience - from novices that learned to row at Sons, to competitive university rowers, several of whom have returned after long breaks from rowing.

    We benefit from a very competitive fleet of boats, which have been augmented this year with three new boats from Stampfli and one new boat from Lola. If you'd like to have a look at them then feel free to come along to our boat naming ceremony on Sunday 19th September at 12 noon.

    Club location: We share a fantastic old building with London Corinthians Sailing Club on Upper Mall in Hammersmith (see website for map). This arrangement means our facilities are the envy of many on the Tideway, not just in Hammersmith. Set back from the river front, we have private space outdoors to sit and drink in if both the club bars get too busy. This also means off-street parking for those coming from outside of Hammersmith. The building incorporates our gym, changing rooms and function rooms as well as benefiting from a full time manager (so you won't be roped into serving beer after outings).

    Mens Squad: Meeting 10am Sat 25th September
    Women’s squad: meeting 13th September

    Circuit training begins 4th October 7pm Magna Carta Gym thereafter ergo sessions, weight program and auxillary cross training events

    Men: Gideon Shalom, Bob Slade, and other guest coaches

    Women: Steve Tassell, Dom Foley, Ben Broadley and Jo Hawkes.

    Men: Friendly yet competitive squad, Senior group contenders at all major events incl. HoRR, HRR Nat.Champs. Training up to 8 sessions a week its upto you how you wish to challenge yourself! Good technical coaching offered to challenge the top UK clubs.

    Contact Robin Dunlop - Mens Squad Co-Ordinator (07711327192)
    Steve Smith - Club Captain (07958508564)

    Women: had a successful season last year, rebuilt squad, 8 wins through the Summer (Henley T&V, Maidenhead, Bedford Quarts, Walton, Weybridge Staines). 30 women ranging from novice to elite sweep oar and sculling.

    2 groups-Domestic rowing,flexibility on training to rowers with other commitments. National rowing, focused on Womens Henley, Nationals etc.

    For any queries regarding the womens squad contact Steve on 07802881857

    Website www.stainesboatclub.co.uk

    New members (men) - SATURDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 8:30am
    New members (women) - SUNDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 9:30am

    All level of experience welcome - from complete beginners upwards. It's not the end of the world if you miss the meeting.

    Head Coach - Miles Forbes Thomas (High Performance Coach)

    Women's coaches include: Gary Stubbs, Marc Stchedroff, Merv Lee, and Josh Raymond

    Men's coaches include Piers Robinson, Paddy Ryan, Julia Daffy and Clive Whitford

    Juniors - Sallie Malt

    This year is an exciting one for Thames. By February, our new building will Be open with two new gyms, a dedicated ergo room, rowing tank and we also offer one of the largest and best boat fleets in the country (more Empachers than Quintin!).

    The club caters for all level of ability from one of the best novice squads in the country to national champions and Olympians. We also have specific groups for veterans and lightweights.

    Whatever your experience if you want to win this season come and be part of a club going from strength to strength.

    Training begins on 4th September, with an outing at 7.30am at the TTRC boathouse, followed by a talk about the outline for the new season.

    Learn to Row
    We will be running rowing courses for beginners through the Autumn. If you are interested in learning to row, please contact captain@ttrc.org.uk

    The men's group will be run by Fred Badowski.
    TTRC is geared towards letting people have a life away from the club, while still turning out some of the quickest crews on the Tideway.

    If you are interested in doing a slightly different programme, with the emphasis on training smarter rather than harder to produce results, we would like to hear from you.

    Contact captain@ttrc.org.uk

    TSS Kick off is now confirmed as Saturday 18th September at 9:00am.

    The Bernie Thompson memorial sculling race is after the meeting. The race is to Putney and back in single sculls.

    Alan Inns (High Performance Coach)
    Grant Craies
    Stephen Luker
    Jack Carr
    Phil Rowley
    Nick Rowett
    Paul Willis
    For more information:
    Mens Squad - Simon Suthers (07769 696423)
    Womens Squad - Rebecca Caroe (07970 734330)
    Veterans squad - Chris Williams (07785 288347)

    Club website is www.tidewayscullers.com

    Now ongoing - please contact club captain Sam Strudwick on 07786 264399for more info.
    Senior Men :Paul Davies

    Novice Men: Nick B

    Senior and novice women: Boyd Lyttle

    Intermediate women: Rachel Woolf

    juniors: Gemma Lloyd

    Men's senior Squad train 8 times a week
    Men’s Novice Squad train 3 times a week
    Women’s senior and intermediate Squads train 8 times a week
    Women’s Novice Squad train 3 times a week
    Junior’s Mixed Squad- train 2 times week (Sun and Mon)
    Now ongoing. Potential new members contact;

  • Membership secretary-Rait Harnett (Rait.Harnett@morganstanley.com)

  • Men's coach-Robert Hopkins-07976 825536 (roberthopkins@ntlworld.com)

  • Women's coach-Jon Brady (parkerbrady@btinternet.com)

  • Junior's coordinator-Liz James-0208 943 4064 (lizis@ukonline.co.uk)

  • Captain- Diane Graham-01932 249459 (diane_hwr@yahoo.com)
    Men: Robert Hopkins
    Women: Jon Brady
    Juniors: Juniors
    Walbrook RC is part of The Royal Canoe Club, as are a dragon boat, outrigger and skiff club, all on the same site. Lots of people messing about in boats helps make us a very jolly and sociable club. With a growing junior section, excellent facilities and colourful kit, we aim to make sure rowing stays good fun!

    Check out our website; www.walbrookrc.co.uk

    Men's squad - 22nd September at the club
    Men’s Squad: Pat Lockley, Pete Bannister

    Women’s Squad: Ben Townsend, Lynch Mason

    Trialist’s Group: Pete Sudbury. Rob Dauncey

    Development Squads: Martin Parr, Susan Allen

    Junior Squad: Tony Wheel

    Men’s Captain: Tom Williams can be emailed on menscaptain*wrc.me.uk (@ instead of *)

    Women’s Captain: Emily Hutchinson can be emailed on womenscaptain*wrc.me.uk (@ instead of *)

    The club website is http://wallingford.rowing.org.uk

    womens squad meeting - 7th Sept, 7pm at club house

    Women's squad - Guin Batten

    Men's squad - John Pilgrim-Morris

    Club website www.utrc.org.uk

    For more info contact utrc@perfectlypicked.com

    Men's squad - 18th September: there'll be a briefing and a water session - more info from Ian Cranna (ian@vrc.org.uk), potential new members should try to contact Ian first.

    Women's squad -We would like to have a brief pre-season meeting at about 7.00pm on Thursday 16th September. Similar to last season we would like to gauge peoples' commitment before we draft the programme.

    Novice's Rowing - The novice group is run by the club captain, Helen Christison (helen@vrc.org.uk)

    Men's squad - If you're interested in rowing with Vesta drop Ian Cranna (ian@vrc.org.uk), the chief men's coach, a line.

    Women's squad - All of last years coaches (Peter Williams, Noel Casey, Vicki Vivian and Jayne Bowers) are returning to the fray. If you are interested please contact pete@vrc.org.uk for Senior Women or jayne@vrc.org.uk for Intermediate Women for information.

    The women's squad looking to build on last year's success (12th in WeHORR, Won Senior Eights and Lwt 1x at HWR and Silver in Women's Eights at Nat Champs).

    Women's Training will kick off hard on Saturday 25th September. If you are interested please contact pete@vrc.org.uk for Senior Women or jayne@vrc.org.uk for Intermediate Women for information.

    Club website is at www.vrc.org.uk