Celebrity rowing rabbit at
30th JUNE - 4th JULY 2004

Quintin Boat Club at play



drinking injuries

  • MIKE SWEENEY A round-up of life behind the scenes at the regatta

  • THE AUSTRALIAN COXED IV reveal what it takes to be selected and the man they owe it all to

  • JOHN SHORE - shares his favourite pictures from three decades as a top celebrity photographer

  • PETER CUSACK and ROD MURRAY choose markedly different styles to go shopping

  • JENNY ROBB AND CAROLINE CHILTERN give the Rabbit a glimpse of gracious living at Upper Thames

  • JONNY SEARLE comments on why the reintroduction of coxed pairs must be stopped

  • SIMON DENNIS - The Olympic-winning IC coach talks about his life in launches at his palatial mansion in Beverly Hills

  • DIRTY BULLET AND FIONA RICHMOND make a splash at the Serpentine Gallery's summer party

  • ANDY SYMONS talks about his close friendship with the rabbit at the farmhouse in East Sussex that was going to be a haven for it

  • JAMES WAITE - What next for the boy wonder?

  • THE RABBIT gives respect to the Purple

  • DAVID BEADLE shares his lust for living as he talks of life after rowing

  • BECKS INGLEDEW - the sensational UTRC rower tells what it's been like going on tour.

  • CHRIS SPRAGUE comments on how getting involved in umpiring can change our lives

  • PAUL REEDY shares a tender moment outside the Fawley bar

  • STEVE AUSTIN is publicly welcomed back into Remenham

  • ANDY KNEE-ROBINSON The twinkle-toed physio explains why Strictly Come Dancing means so much to him

  • THE TRINITY SQUAD from Dublin, chill out on Lake Como

  • JAMES FELT talks about his life-changing trip to Ghana for RabbitAid

  • JULIE HOGG reveals the secrets of her success as she shows off her romantic creations

  • THE RABBiT on helping the rowing media in its spare time

  • IAN CRUICKSHANK pays a special visit to a swimwear catwalk show in Sao Paulo

  • JAMES WORRELL is the toast of Henley with the top prize at the Webby Awards

  • LIGHTBEERThe truth about his rowing future at London RC, by his manager

  • GORDON CHALMERS talks about his new career on holiday in Marbella

  • LOOKOUTS - behind the scenes at the regatta

  • NIA WYN JONES As she kicks off her tour of Brazil, a look at how the iconic coxing star has reinvented herself again

  • NAOMI ASHCROFT all decked out for the Monte Carlo sunshine

  • FASHION Make a splash with sizzling sunglasses

  • NICK LAZAROW An exclusive glimpse into his beautiful villa in the south of France

  • MARTIN LEVY goes drinking with the Rabbit

  • CHAS NEWENS comments on the benefits of hosting the 2012 Olympics

  • GUY BLANCHARD The British rowing legend welcomes us to his Californian ranch

  • THE NLROEI TEAM talk about rowing in the Netherlands and their plans to make a difference

  • MARCEL HACKER At home in LA, the Baywatch star talks about high altitude training

  • FASHION Chosing the right magenta

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