With Sons of the Thames move to join Corinthians fairly much confirmed for this September, The Slug is glad to hear that the members of this most social (drunken??) of the Tideway Clubs, have so far shown NO sign of adapting their behaviour to try to fit in with the more sedate sailors down the road at Hammersmith.

The photograph to the left shows Sons member Renaud modelling his new Sonsall- in one for the benefit of the lay-deees, in the bar after the Women's Head. Nothing to strange in that, however... shortly after this photograph was taken, Renaud disappeared and wasn't seen again for the rest of the day..

The reason for this disappearance was that the young oarsman had in fact passed out in the men's changing room and he eventaully awoke about 4am to find himself locked in the clubhouse. Despite being suitably dressed for the following morning's outing, Renaud was not content with sitting around freezing for another 5 hours, so he climbed out through a window into the gardens behind the club and started knocking on the neighbouring house's windows, in a vain attempt to get someone to let him out..

The slug was also much impressed by Sons member Alex Bailey's splendid re-entrance into the Auriol Kensington party after the Women's Head, when she only remembered that she didn't have a t-shirt on under her jumper after she had taken it off... much to the amusement and delight of the onlookers.

Well done!


Rumour has it that True Blue hero, Mr Dan Topolski, king of the tideway, had an unfortunate incident with his car last week. Dan had parked down on the embankment at Putney but it seems he forgot why it's called the TIDE-way... Nature took its course and Dan's car had to be rescued by a passer-by as it floated off.

The passer by wasn't just anyone though, he happened to be a member of the Cambridge crew that was beaten by Dan's post mutiny Oxford crew. So after he realised just who's car he'd saved from floating off down the Thames he then e-mailed all his ex-crew mates to apologise for saving the wrong car...