Yet another naked rowing calendar hoping to grace your wall for the next twelve months. This time it's Edinburgh University Boat Club who are trying to raise funds to buy much-needed new equipment by getting out their equipment.

Members of the men's and women's squads have posed in a number of rowing-themed pictures by photographer Devon Walshe; blades, boats, in the club's Edinburgh boathouse on the Union Canal; all that's missing is their clothes!

The calendars are now on sale, with details on the club's website -

Competitors at the Walton SBH this weekend, found themselves lining up to race down the course at Dorney instead, after strong stream conditions on the Upper Thames, forced the organisers to opt for plan B.

Mind you, it was so fecking cold that the TSS boys really should have thought twice before wearing white lycra tights - as they clearly showed they'd suffered same fate as infamous brass monkey...

The 1st division was late, as once the first three crews had gone through the start, the timing team suddenly realised they couldn't read numbers and had to start over again. It took a further 20 mins to change to plan C, so there were lots of very cold and grumpy scullers by the time they came to race.

The combined talents of the UK's Sporting Meeja-scum decended en masse on the Brewery in central London last week, for their annual christmas piss-up (otherwise known as the Sport's Journalists Awards).

Hosted by the Sports Journalists Association, the lunch was attended by around 400 journalists, athletes and guests, including two BARJ (British Association of Rowing Journalists) tables kindly provided by GB rowing sponsors Siemens.

The Awards were hosted by Barry Davies and a good time was had by all: Katherine Grainger picked up UK Sport’s award for fair play and inspiration (a large glass trohpy which wouldn't look out of place as a murder weapon in an episode of CSI) and Andy Ripley did a sterling job of introducing the raffle (which raised £3500 for the Prostrate Cancer Charity) starting with the immortal line "Barry has a penis..., and illustrating exactly why he fits in so well at Tideway Scullers.

The first of the trials eight races for the 2008 boatrace took place on a cold but sunny Tideway on Tuesday afternoon.

The Cambridge crews ‘One Night Stand’ (strengthened by three returning Blues - President Dano, cox Rebecca and Tom Edwards) and ‘True Love’ (missing Marco Espin who was ill) raced over the course,

In the end, (and perhaps unsurpisingly for CUBC men), One night stand won the day, beating True Love by three lengths).

The Oxford crews (rumoured to be "bitter" and "twisted"...**grin** - ED) race this afternoon. One of their coaching launches was spotted making a unaccompanied bid for freedom on Monday as it drifted away from the bank at Putney - you'd think they'd have realised the Thames was tidal by now...

Keep an eye on the official website for race reports and crew lists

It may be uber-geeky but something tells me that there's segment of the readership who just love this sort of thing - i.e. a salacious representation of boring data as pretty-coloured pictures - even if they won't admit it...

Attached are two PDF files, giving an alternative view of the results of the Scullers head for the last 2 years:

The chart plots everyone’s finish time against their start position, with each sculler colour-coded by category

Each category label (eg “MVC”) on the chart is placed at that whole category’s average finish time and average new-entry start position

The Top 100 or so correlate well with previous year’s finish position, though it also suggests that the new-entry start order might be better redesigned.

Another contribution from Novice Fairbairns; courtesy of the Queen's novice men.

As can be seen from the many holes in the rotten woodwork, the vessel on the receiving end is not exactly the most sea-worthy of boats.

Thought, that said, it's not often that an eight beats a cruiser in a game of who's strongest... (and they did have a bowball - at least they did before they made contact)

Random website with some gorgeous pictures of the Tideway, mainly around the Hammersmith area - includes quite a number of rowers and boats.

Defn worth a look.

The mystery of the freezing Thames gym was finally solved at the weekend after a crack team of 'heating experts' took it upon themselves to track down the reason for the permanent low temperatures in the Burrough building, which has been forcing poor coach Lubo to wear gloves whilst using his office PC..

Confident in the knowledge that there are only so many things that can go wrong with a boiler, our intrepid explorers decided to approach the problem from a logical perspective - one possibility at a time.

Starting with the "power supply" they soon realised there wasn't one, however despite fixing that particular problem the boiler was still refusing to do anything apart from display an error message, so they moved on to option two, the "water supply".

A quick turn of the taps proved that there was nothing wrong with the wet stuff, which left them with the third and final option i.e. the "gas supply".

After carefully tracing the gas pipes from the boiler back to the meter, it soon became apparant that the lack of heating was probably down to the fact that the gas had been cut off because they, er, hadn't paid their bill...

The slug can only hope that the club in red, white and black can sweet talk British Gas into reconnecting them before their club dinner next week

Oh dear.




I wonder if anyone else has noticed the striking similarity between that stalwart of Scrapheap Challenge, Dick Strawbridge and UL coach Pete Wells? Are they by any chance related by more than just their love of pies?

A Sculler

As a community, we don't always do ourselves a lot of favours - especially when being closely watched by members of other organisations based on the Tideway... Though, to be fair, some of our number have more to answer for than others; something illustrated by the attached photo of some exceptional muppetry.

About the only positive thing that can be said about the whole situation is that at least he's wearing a life-jacket, though I strongly suspect that his kill cord (unless it's 6 foot long) isn't attached anything apart from the engine.

Perhaps a timely reminder of what a prop strike can do to various parts of your anatomy (by way of some real life examples), is in order - just incase any other coaches think this sort of behaviour is a good idea.