Appearing in a changing room near you (if you're lucky)- Tim and Jim get their kit off for the girls. Yes lay-dees it's time to do the walk to the newsagents and pick up a copy of June's Cosmo... (if you want to experience those skin tones in all their photographic glory)-

click on the images to enlarge (do you think they have BOA approval to use the word "Olympian"??)

15-05-01MANY A TRUE WORD...
The slug was sliming around at the US Men's Eastern Sprints regatta in windy Worcester at the weekend, checking out the talent (and the rowing) and witnessing the strange American college rowing tradition of taking the shirts of the crews you've defeated (not dissimilar to scalping one's enemies I suppose).

The slug wasn't the only one scouting around, as US men's coach Mike Teti was keeping a close eye on the proceedings by the finish. Mike who is tying the knot at the end of June was chatting away with the great and the good of US rowing when the subject of his imminent marriage came up.

In the words of a philosophical Mr Teti...

"A wife may be temporary, but an ex-wife is forever..."


15-05-01MARKED MEN
Now that having bleached / tiger striped hair for HRR is a bit passe, the question of what the trendy oarsman will be sporting this summer, has been laying heavy on the minds of many. But fear not, for the answer may have been uncovered...

The slug can reveal that the Brookes boys have been going a bundle on tattoos. With the exception of beachboy five-man Aidan Riley, (who has real tats as well as real lats), all the new designs of barbed wire, Celtic swirls, and the like are of the temporary wash-off variety.

Strokeman Al Heathcote has even put a barcode on the back of his neck, which the rest of the crew are planning to swipe next time they go to the supermarket checkout.

Current betting is that it'll come up as "Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please"...