In yet another exclusive the slug brings you the Sons of the Thames photo that the Happy boys tried to surpress.

For we can now reveal that the true outcome of their wednesday heat of the Brit Cup was a win to Duck Rowing club of Henley, who were initially awarded an 'easily' verdict by the umpires before being disqualified when someone noticed that they were coxless, female and facing the wrong way....


Having won their race at Nat Champs by 100th of second, the slug can exclusively reveal the technical secrets behind the winning London Rowing Club lightweight four.

The boys were down by a length against Staines at 500 to go and still 3/4 of length down with 100 meters to go, at which stage all the LRC members on the bank had given up up all hope.

But not allowing a small thing like being behind prevent them from picking up the silverware, the LRC boys used their extraordinary rowing technique to pip the Staines crew at the post, although Staines seem to believe this was solely due to LRC having the advantage of being in lane 1.

The slug is pleased to exclusively bring you the photofinish picture that secured their medals and left their oppostion wanting to "slit their wrists".

When interviewed about their win, a source in the LRC crew said "kids do not try this at home, it takes years of practice to make things look this easy"


One-time Twickenham oarsman Ed "who the f*cks that at 3?" Howson wandered back to his tent after a hard day of jollification (ie hard drinking) at HRR, only to find that some of his caring "friends" had moved it to a place or places unknown.

Both "friends" and tent were now conspicuous by their absence and alas 4 hours of searching in the dark proved fruitless (shurly tentless??-ED) and poor young Edward spent the wee small hours asleep on the floor of the showers.


  1. The elderly Upper Thames crew got through to the Thursday of Henley without losing any crew members to heart attacks - and having seen the Irish do their 'row past' On Sunday (25 years since they won the Ladies Plate) it is not hard to understand why the latter have been dropped by the Sons/Twickenham Vet B girls in favour of the former for Mixed Vet C Eights at the next World Masters in Seville.

  2. Why was one of the Sons Happy Bunch spotted running round Swiss Farm campsite on Friday afternoon sporting only a pair of Y fronts and covered in mud - having been skinny dipping with the former wife of the guy whose place he took in the Sons of the Thames Wyfolds crew?

  3. One LRC member is not very popular amongst the general club population after his umpiring skills were questioned during a heat of the Wyfolds on Thursday. It appears that the man in question was so keen to appear impartial when umpiring a LRC, Lea race that he ignored the dubious steering from the Lea crew to the detriment of his own home crew.

    The London boys were heard plotting in Remenham on Friday, so watch out...