Having spotted the following pictures, taken in Cambridge after the weekend's rainfall - (a month and a half worth's of rain fell in 12 hours on Sunday.... ) The slug is getting a touch of Deja-Vu...

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23-10-01 BOSTON 2001
The slug has just returned from a most pleasant weekend at the Head of the Charles in Boston. Warm sunny weather and the glorious fall colours (or is that colors?..ED) set the scene for a quality event with thousands of spectators lining the banks on both days, the shopping was as dangerous as ever, with even more stalls up and down the course as the event continues to grow in size. Though I would like to point out that more isn't necesarily better, as I did buy the most revolting hotdog I have ever had the misfortune of tasting, next to Weeks bridge...

This year saw a smaller number of UK entries than normal, probably effected in part by the events of September 11th, however the Brits still made their presence known with London boy Mark Watkin walking off with first place in Club singles, there were quite a few of the boys in blue to be spotted on the Charles, Ian Watson, who was over with the Westminster school taking 9th in Championship singles. The Westminster boys put in a good performance in the Youth eight event and are heading down to Philly next week for the Schuylkill and then on to Princeton, with Pete's mobile cafe in attendance at all times!

In Saturday's club eights event, Crabtree would have won, but were stripped of the top spot after being awarded a minute penalty for clashing on the course. the HOCR referees (read umpires) are an invisible, but all-seeing, force and extra time penalties are frequently awarded for clashing, rowing outside the buoys and swearing (and there was quite a bit of that in audible evidence).

The black avengers (Molesey) were 15th in club VIIIs, despite Gryff wearing his go faster GB hoops. Also in club eights were Boars head (aka Queen's college Cambridge) who were over again this year - as was a crew from Hilde and St Bede's college Durham - to whom the Thames girlies were giving helpful advice during the race... shouting "go home Bede, you're an embarrasment to British rowing" or words to that effect... much to the amusement of the listening American public.

The US squad were there in force again, their men's championship eights crew receiving a standing ovation to chants of "USA... USA... USA..." down the entire course, (The US navy crew apparently get cheered during practice, just because they're Navy... nice while it lasts I suppose). The recent surge of US patriotism was amazingly obvious, with US flags on kit, crews and boats, though The slug did think the homemade "Osama Sux" t-shirt one rower was sporting was probably a bit much for a sporting event.

On a lighter note, the most revolting kit award has to go to the Princeton "tigers" women's Champ eight... half of whom were wearing tiger print lycra all-in-ones... nasty. The slug also has to wonder about the cox of the Harvard men's champ eight who was sporting a cream cowboy hat, yellow shirt and red and black tie.. most odd.

23-10-01 GIVE IT HEAD
The slug has ears even for the most humble comments from those not normally known for their understatement.

The Pairs' Head was a glory for some and a slog for others, but one Thames boy known only as E-son-of-E was apparently delighted with his performance:

"We had the best row of our lives. The only problem was that other crews kept overtaking us"

...whoops. Not really the way to points OR prizes...