The tide was low, the Fulham flats were high and many a boat was on the water. Of the crews out and about, most were river weary types, all too aware of the dangers facing hapless rowers when the tide goes out and empties the Tideway...

...well, all it would seem, except for Imperial College, who in their naive, student type disregard for nature and its stronger forces, unwisely took a closer look at Fulham Football ground than originally anticipated.

Despite the high opinion in which the average IC oarsman holds himself, the slug severely doubts that the four rowers who were seen to get out of the boat and walk on water for several meters, are really new found Millennial Messiahs. We suspect there's a more down to earth explanation, but of course, that would mean they were well and truly grounded on the Fulham Flats...


It's not unusual for rowers to spend a lot of time worrying about how much intensive winter training their competition has done. Indeed most of the reasoning behind the horrific amounts of training that even average club rowers are asked to do, comes from a deeply installed fear that it's never going to be enough... But, ever so often, one hears of a club with a different attitude to training, and it would appear that Tideway Scullers is such an establishement.

Rumour has it that TSS have organised land training at Latimer School in Hammersmith on Wednesday nights. This takes the form of 1/2 hour of Basketball - (which only the blokes and the bravest of the women partake in) - to be followed by circuits.

The circuit is a mere 10 exercises, except you're supposed to do 40 reps on each station (which includes bar pull ups and shuttle runs) and do all of this torture four times.

"Gosh!", I hear you cry... "what dedication, surely they must be there til gone 3am to finish such a demanding session?"

So, in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, on behalf of the rowing world, the slug interviewed some non-TSS participants.

"It's impossible to do 40 reps on some of these exercises, so we were sticking to 20, which is hard enough. After we got to the 4th station, we looked up only to realise that we were the only people left in the room. All the Scullers rowers were hiding in the fitness suite and various other rooms, chatting...

It's the same every week, and those few that do the circuits don't appear to be able to count past 5"



Wouldn't it be nice to have the luxury of not noticing that you hadn't cashed a cheque for 6000... well unlikely as it may seem to your average rowing club committee member, this is exactly what one of the Cambridge college boat clubs has managed to do.

The college BC in question sold a couple of boats to one of the town clubs about 18 months ago, for the specified amount, but hasn't bothered to cash the cheque yet. Needless to say the town club isn't too upset about their additional interest and haven't bothered to mention it to the college.

Those of you who are more financially astute may have twigged that the cheque is, after 18 months, no longer valid, so presuming the college boat club minions eventually realise that they haven't cashed it, they've now got to ask for a replacement.

it's enough to make them turn green.... or white