rowing romance

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When Clementina Hythe's boyfriend Marcus breaks a leg on their skiing holiday, it looks like he's left his crew high and dry, as it's only six weeks to the head and all the other men in the club are already in boats.

Clementina soon decides it's down to her to save the day and find them a replacement but time's ticking away and she simply can't find anyone to sub in.

This leaves Clemintina in an awful quandry as ARA rules specify that gently brought up girls should never sub into men's boats, so her only recourse is to dress as a boy.

It's sheer bad luck that international oarsman, Jim Pinstergrave, crosses her path in the men's changing room. Jim's been in enough men's showers to see straight through her lycra disguise. But Clementina flatly refuses to remove her training bra and divulge her secrets - until she realises that Jim really is the only one who can possibly help...

...though his answer to her problems does seem a bit drastic!


"Takes the rate up right from page one"
Rowers World

" One of the truest and funniest presentations of cross dressing experience in any recent rowing literature"
David "luvvie" Lyon

" The real triumph of this novel is its ability to get inside the mind of a male rower. It's not just the dialogue, but the way it captures how rowers think and feel without irony."
Mike Spracklen