rowing romance

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Alex was thirty when she first met Ben Morrison. She was smart and successful both on and off the water. She had two Henley medals, her own Empacher, a penthouse flat in Hammersmith, a club she loved and enough money to train and live as she wished. Men didn't really play a great part in her life.

Ben Morrison was 18, a novice sculler, half Spanish, half English. He was outgoing, attractive and never washed his kit. He'd just finished an intensive sculling course at Tideway Scullers School and was out on his own for the first time. On the face of it he and Alex had nothing in common.

So when he came crashing into Alex's boat and life, smashing her bows open with his wild untamed steering, she was unprepared for the destruction that followed.

Gradually he eroded everything about her, personality, pride and technique. It took a full year for Alex to be cured of Ben Morrison and his addictive, all-consuming sexual possession. It was a year she would never forget.


"Single scullers is a thrilling fast pace race of elite standards. You'll never go rowing in the dark again"
The Rowing Service

"One of the hippest and sharpest rowing novels around"
Geoffry Page

"Does anyone have any Paracetemol?"
Phil Vondra