rowing romance

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A keen novice rower at Mortlake Anglian and Alpha rowing club, Imogen had read a lot of books on technique but none of them covered real life on the river, skills she thought she'd never be able to master.

On a trip down to Putney, Imogen meets Rupert Withers for the first time. Soon awed by his legendary prowess on the ergo, Imogen can't help but want to know more of the elusive coach and study his technique. To her surprise Rupert suggests that Imogen takes the place of one of the injured Parrs Priory girls at their training camp in Gloucester. Imogen jumps at the chance.

Needless to say, her first training camp with a top coach and the elite rowers from Parrs Priory was a revelation - and so was she.

A pot worth winning. A voluptuous Chiswisk rose amongst the thorny lightweight girls from Putney, Sophie and Yvonne, with a rare asset that they'd mislaid years ago in a tent in Hereford...

But the path of a virgin rower in that lovely wicked world was a hard one. Imogen began to wonder if rowing really was its own reward


"It's as though a Daniel J Boyne plot and cast of characters had been appropriated by Barabara Cartland, and the result, as one might expect, is certainly readable."
Di Ellis

"Attention, Set, love - is to scull across a smooth body of water, to take a clean powerful stroke, to feel your boat running straight and true, with a dash of incest to jolly it along. Superb."
A man in the tea tent at St Neots regatta

"Reading this book will change your life. It leaves in its wake more crap that an IC launch"
Bill Mason