In the rabbit's humble opinion, this is best place on the whole course. The 2009 regatta will be the focus of the club's centenary celebrations, and a range of additional entertainments are planned to make this year's event into something special.

Remenham has far cheaper booze than Stewards, an (almost) exclusively rowing related membership and you can sit in a chair with a drink in your hand and watch the racing with the full commentary. For those intersted in what is happening on the river, the ticket booth at the entrance sells the daily racing program.

Situated approximately halfway down the course, the marquee is conveniently placed on "the mound" which allows members to look down at the throngs squeezing past on the towpath and, owing to the restricted number of guest tickets available, offers a good view of the racing throughout the whole five days without ever getting uncomfortably busy.

Remenham at Qualifiers, before the crowds

The Remenham mound is also the ideal spot to partake of the 'I wouldn't be seen dead wearing that' or the 'she's gained a bit of weight since she bought that outfit last year' bitching games' (see section on Entertainment)

The clubhouse bar is close to the marquee (the outside bar even closer), the catering excellent and the atmosphere enlivening. The lawn is guaranteed to be green and lush even in times of drought (the club has its own water supply). While the restaurant provides supberb cold and hot lunches and the first sitting allows you to dine in style without missing any racing. There is even a Barbeque on Saturday Evening, supplemented with a curry buffet!

Payment by Cash, Card or Cheque is accepted here.

In 2005, the Remenham Club Committee implemented a complete ban on smoking in the Clubhouse and following the change to the no-smoking rules on 1st July 2007, smoking is longer allowed on the Mound (as the marquee has sides which can be put down if it rains and therefore counts as an enclosed building). Smoking is still be allowed in the grounds, though obviously not in the catering tent.

Although the dress code is not as strict as in Stewards, there are still dress rules and behaviour rules, however, although ladies aren't suppose to wear trousers, cross-dressing after entry has been observed.

The mobile phone rules for Remenham, were relaxed in 2006 and you may use your phone for texting and taking photographs, make and receive voice calls, and listen to voice messages in the club grounds (but not the Clubhouse or catering tent), provided you do NOT ALLOW YOUR PHONE TO RING (so best ensure it's on silent at all times). As with Stewards, if spotted flaunting these rules, you WILL be kicked out.

The Ladies loo's here are unquestionably the best at "The Royal": clean, spacious, numerous, well equipped and offer free hairspray, plasters, combs, sewing kits and other useful bits and pieces for the first couple of days of the regatta.

Membership is restricted to members of the seven founding clubs on the river Thames (see below) and members have to have served a period of years with their founding club, won enough status points and displayed sufficient proficiency in oarsmanship to qualify. There is a limit on the number of members and the club is currently full, rowers who have qualified to join are now looking at a wait of several years.

Listen out for the famous "Remenham Roar" as competing crews from the founding clubs pass the enclosure.
(n.b. Matthew Pinsent has reported encountering the "Remenham Wall of Silence" whilst beating a pair from London RC, easily, in a heat of the Goblets)

The Founding Clubs.(in Alphabetical Order)

  • Kingston Rowing Club,
  • London Rowing Club,
  • Molesey Boat Club,
  • Staines Boat Club
  • Thames Rowing Club,
  • Twickenham Rowing Club and
  • Vesta Rowing Club.

    The club now has it's own website at
    (for a copy of the 2007 RC arrangements card which includes the 2008 ticket prices, click on the image of it on the right)