TOTALLY low status.

The "corporate hosility" enclosures can be found either up near the start on Temple Island and the Berkshire side or approximately half way down the enclosure on the Buckinghamshire side (Fawley meadows). These are generally filled with people who have bought hospitality packages either directly from, or for, their firm and their guests (The guests are all the people to whom the company wishes to smarm)

The official Regatta hospitality is now run by Keith Prowse, who actually do quite a nice package for the Temple Island Enclosure, which includes a ticket to Stewards for every guest and food by Albert Roux, but, then again, for up to 609 (double ouch) of her majesty's pounds - plus VAT you would kind of expect good service...

Friday is the most popular day for corprate entertaining, and prices are higher accordingly, so if that price tag makes your eyes water, going on Wednesday will shave 100 a head off the cost - alternatively the Fawley Meadows prices are a 'bit' lower).

Ambro events also run a selection of corporate hospitality packages on behalf of Copas, with prices ranging from 189 to 295 per person, depending on the content and day of the week.

The rabbit isn't sure what else goes on in the privacy of Temple island, but it's clearly something, for as one of the launch drivers who ferries people across to the island told us:
"When I take them over in the morning, they're all very quiet and nobody knows anyone else, but when I collect them in the evening, they're all very talkative and have become best friends, it's like they're different people..."

The reason for the low status is that 99 percent of those staggering around in these enclosures have no knowledge of rowing, though they might have a bonus pair of stewards enclosure tags which are available to any one of the sixty people attending, in each little pen. The pens are surrounded by 1 1/2 ft high white picket fences which a near comatose rabbit could leap in a single bound , (if he had a wish to lower himself to enter such an area).

Main feature of note, is the drunken oiks who have been swilling gin and tonic since 10:00 while watching the tennis at Wimbledon on the TV screens provided and are now indulging in a seven course luncheon with fine wines, liqueurs and champagne.

Guests might occasionally realise there is a river nearby ( i.e. when they fall into it while trying to find the way out)