Following on from the success of Rowopoly and just in time for christmas, the rowing bored games team, is pleased to be able to bring you Blades and Ergos.

Based on the old classic Snakes and ladders but with a twist, the rules for Blades & Ergos are so straightforward even your 4 man will be able to play.

  • Highest first throw is the first back to training.

  • Blades go up, Ergos go down.

  • Land on a chance square (yellow), pick up a card.

  • Land on a trial or Regatta (green), throw again. If you get an even number, advance that number of squares. Odd, go back.

  • First to Seville wins!
  • For a printable full size image of the board click on the small image above or go HERE

    A selection of print off and keep Chance cards and tokens are avialable HERE