with many thanks to: Kath; Justin; Iain; and the low performance gurus -- Stephen and Andrew.

Rabbit oh Rabbit
Furry ears hear all the goss
Celebrity tart.
Peterboro' Party
Naked antics start again
sweaty men climb pole.
More time on the slide
The coach implores; crew ignores
not just time wasted
Party frocks on today
Below the knee, Stewards say
Hope it doesn't rain
Where's my ten-mil wrench?
Riggers lie quietly on the grass
Waste of entry fee
Fe Fie Fo Fum I
Smell blood of'n Englishman;
Long name for a boat
Coach loves the smell
of two-stroke in the morning-
it tastes of victory
Power and strength
without true application
become an anchor
drink, sleep late, outing, beer
another way to row
Through the haze of Pimms
The Remenham roar rings out
winning boat appears
blades flash through the mist
the oarsman still upon the shore
is full of regret
lycra clad bodies
allow boaty girls to tell
who is 'big' or 'small'

Remenham champers
By lunch, cheque book is empty
Seeing two Rabbits
Dial-up Internet
Check for Slug updates? Oh Shit!
Embarrasing pics.
Hope springs like green buds.
Henley Goblets first round draw,
It's Leander. Bum
Catch like breaking ice
Not like flowering daisy
Video will show
Sun high in the sky
Rowers are dehydrated
2k time is slow
Travel hopefully,
Though winter training went well
Lea win by 8 lengths
Cricket on the green
Barbecue at Peterborough
Coach dropped you last month
Hot weeks pass without
A pot. But still try your luck
At Cambridge Autumn
Dust motes play in sun
Through boat house windows shining
On silent singles
Sunrise on river
Sweet surprise of clear blue skies
Reflects in puddles
wood smooth in my hand
summer heat upon my back
blister bursts to pain
Blade into water
Hands up, lock on, legs connect
Pressure, movement, run.
icy waters rush on
with no regard or patience
for the sculler's art
Race so hard it hurts
Gasping for air, harsh breaths
Umpire signalls. WON!
summer all-in-one
leaves no doubt in coach's mind
who ate all the pies
seat race for the head
someone is left on the bank
time to learn to scull
Fireworks replace the sun
talk of races won and lost
A Henley evening