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rowing songs
(With apologies to Duran Duran)

See them rowing oar in hand
Beneath the bridge at Putney
Heads turning as the blades flashing by
Are so sharp
And row right out past the buoy in black
There's a coxless IV sitting on their back
On their back
And I sense a rhythm thumping out
All the way through the crew

Girls in Fours
Girls in Fours
Girls in Fours
Girls in Fours

Lycra colours, all over the river, they’re racing
And miles of sharp blue water passing below
As they drive
The coaching launch coming for a look
See the length of stroke that the crew just took
crew just took
And she wonders if she’s rushing the slide
As she locks on again

Girls in Fours (she's dying on bowside)
Girls in Fours
Girls in Fours (Two’s getting later)
Girls in Fours
Girls in Fours (get it together)
Girls in Fours

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