As a homage to TwRC member and assistant producer of Top of The Pops - the one and only Mr Haydn Davies... Underground brings you a selection of Chart topping, toe-tapping rowing songs to brighten up those after race sing songs.

(With thanks to: Ray; Rachel; Steve; Stephen; Oli; Alex; Sue; Liz H; Liz T; Charles; Andrea; Sam; Gail-bird; Nick P; Brendan G; Mark W; Stephen B; the Dawg boat; Ray & Rachel, Brendan, Ben, Mike S-J, Keyth, Ian S, Kirsty, Matthew S and everyone else who put their oar in)

SONG TITLE (click to view)(with apologies to..)
Our Catch Elton John
Sculling Man Elton John
Tanner's Claws Joe Harris
Least Favourite Things Julie Andrews
I Never Wanna Row With You Dusty Springfield
Lightweight Rowers Pulp
Eat Curry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin
Here's Regatta Everybody! Slade
Do They Know It's Walton Head Band Aid
The Wild Rower The Dubliners
Andy Knee-Robinson Simon and Garfunkel
Marty's Way Frank Sinatra
All By Myself Eric Carmen
Every Beer you Take The Police
Bowside is Down The Stranglers
Oh hell! Can't the Four Hear? The Eagles
Row this Way Run DMC and Aerosmith
Rowing's There For You The Rembrandts
Coxless The Corrs
Blame it on the Rigging Jackson 5
You've Lost that Lock-on Feeling The Righteous Brothers
Pane of Glass Blondie
Crustacean Rhapsody (version 1) Queen
Bows feeling a bit crap today (version 2) Queen
All I Want is a Pot The cast of Grease
Pee in the River Adam and the Ants
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix
Wearing That Lycra One Piece Ricky Martin
Sculler Michael Jackson
Rowing in a Pair Bon Jovi
Baggy One-piece Madness
Mad World Tears For Fears
Portaloo Abba
Robin Williams only light blue crew Sgt Pepper
My Beloved Boat Club Eels
Sorrow Pink Floyd
Four Outings in one day Crowded house
Coxing with sun in my eyes Ultravox
The day we tried to train Ocean Colour Scence
Nottingham City Guns and Roses
Stampfli Double (brand new oars) The Wurzels
The Muppet Eight The Muppets
You're So Lame Carly Simon
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
Ergo Queen Abba
Are you Sculling Tonight? Elvis
Should I Scull or Should I Row? The Clash
U.T.R.C Village People
How Deep is Your Catch Bee Gees
When You do Nothing at All Ronan Keating
I Raced the Lea The Clash
Don't you want me Mervyn? The Human League
Every-ergo Hurts REM
Re-Rig my Four Take That
Wake me up before you go-row Wham
Ergo Wizard The Who
We're Racing Thames The Weathergirls
Rowin' in the Wind Bob Dylan
Henley Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber
I Heard It Through The Grapevine Marvin Gaye
I Don't Like Ergos Boomtown Rats
The Ergs Don't Work The Verve
Heaven knows I'm miserable now The Smiths
Imagine John Lennon
Senior Girl Billy Joel
You could mend the hole again Atomic Kitten
Thank You for the Rowing Abba
With ot Without Two U2
Never Ever All Saints
Raw-Hands Frankie Laine
Row Rage Catatonia
The Boat my Father Rowed The Loyal Orange Order
Dark Haired Ego Guy Don McClean
Tickett to Steer The Beatles
Empacher Four Janis Joplin
Hey Frank The Beatles
Girls In Fours Duran Duran
Killing me Softly Roberta Flack
Kayleigh Marillion
Like a Novice Madonna
I Touch Myself The Divinyls
Rowing in our VIII Madness
Henley William Blake
The Black Velvet Band The Dubliners
When the Rowing gets Tough Billy Ocean
I'm Not Lightweight 10cc
Over-Reach Gabrielle
I Won't Let The Coach go Blaming Me Nik Kershaw

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(if that's possible), or if you would like to submit a song of your own re-writing,
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