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rowing songs
(With apologies to Queen for the second time)

Now that it's race time, is winning fantasy?
Get on the stakeboat, cox calls out will you tap it three
Hope in your heart, sit up for the start and breathe
Sat at the first buoy, we dream of victory
Here it comes, tension grows, feeling high, time to show,
Anything to win though, doesn't realy matter to me, to me.

Summer, that time has come
Had some fun again in heads, things are bigger now it's Met
Summer, season's just begun, but now I know that Henley's on its way
Summer oooooh, gonna really make it fly, and if we're not up on Thames, we won't just follow
Push it on, push it on, because winning really matters

Two's late, his timing's gone
On the river all the time, bodies aching, feel sublime
Good row everybody, now it's time to show
Gotta leave the ergs behind and race this crew
Summer, ooooh, we're really gonna fly, I sometimes think we'll never get beat at all

Hands on the four, let's get it off the van
Stroke and three, stroke and three, will you go and take the blades down
Rigger bolts need tightening, gearing needs some lightening, see

Time to go now, time to go now,
Hands on the boat it's time to go, time to go oh oh oh

Sat at the first buoy, fear running through me
We're sat at the first buoy, blades are square, we're ready
Hands coming down, crew get ready to squeeze

I'll say this once, when hands are down, I'll call attention go
Hands up now - NO, do not let us go
Attention go
Hands up now - do not let us go
Attention go
Hands up now - do not let us go
Attention go
Do not let us go
Attention go
Do not let us go
Attention go oh oh oh oh oh
No no no no no no no
Oh crews are ready, crews are ready, crews are ready 'tention go
Now draw then build, don't kill it on the slide, push knees, push knees, push knees

So you think that we've blown it, we've gone off too high?
So you think you can beat us, well you'll have to fly
Your crazy, you can't win this no way, see
We've just got to reach out, just got to reach right out and squeeze

Winning really matters, anyone can see
Winning really matters, winning really matters to me

Anything to win though

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