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rowing songs
(With apologies to Don McClean)

Not so long ago,
the Slug can still remember
how that ego used to make us smile
And we knew that if we got the chance,
we could stoke that vain man's stance
And maybe he'd be happy for a while.

But training camp made him shiver
with every stroke that he'd deliver
Bad news on his doorstep..
he couldn't take one more, step
We can't remember if he cried
when he heard of his infected tribe
But something touched us deep inside,
The day the hair was dyed

We started singin...

So bye bye dark haired ego guy
Pulled the bottle that was simply
just beyond a hair dye
And the Henley boys were
drinking Pimms by the side
Singin this'll be the day the ego dies
This I'll be the day the ego dies

Did you see his bad bumshove
and do you all have faith in God above
or did the Slug just tell you so?
And do you believe in the scullers role?
can the Tideway save your mortal soul?
And can this man teach you how to scull real slow?

Well I know you were involved with him,
coz I saw you "at it" in the gym
Did he have you in a trance,
we guess you never stood a chance
He is a lonely blonde-haired, rowing man,
with yellow scone and a big black van
But most girlies cancelled all their plans
the day his hair was dyed

They started singin...


Now for the last two months we've heard his groans...
whinges, gripes and 'Coal Face' moans
and finally turned a blind eye to him,
but that's not how he wanted it to be
When RH stripped for the a 'blind date queen',
in a birthday suit nothing like James Dean
and voice that came from his healthy ego -ooo-oo

And while his date was looking down,
his ego stole his thorny crown
The dinner quite quickly learned -
his date was rapidly adjourned
And while the fellas laughed and the girlies harked,
the cameras focused in the dark
And the Slug sang laughter in the park
the day his hair was dyed

They started singin...


Helter Skelter in the TRC Shelter
the Committee Room soon began to swelter
10000 ego's and falling fast
And landed back out on the Thames
where rowers and scullers tried to make amends,
but secretly wanted to save some face

But the pre-Henley air wasn't sweet perfume
and some marched to a different tune,
but all gave this man a chance to do one more merry 'ego' dance
As the TRC squad all took to the field,
the Henley Band refused to yeild
Do you recall what was revealed
the day the hair was dyed?

We started singin....


His brain was always in one place,
miles away, in outer space,
with no time left to think again
He had to be nimble, had to be quick
and almost set fire to his hair with a candle stick
Does the peroxide justify the end?

And as we watched him from the stands,
tears fell on our Pimms soaked hands
Could another quad crew break
the Hardman's sculling spell?
other crews went sailing past and on into the night,
His glowing head the sacrificial light
We all saw Hawsie laughing with delight,
the day his hair was died...


We met this boy with an arrogant air
and asked him if he liked his hair,
but he just smiled and turned away
The Slug went to the sacred place
where all his hair fell out in space
But Sergio said the salon was now closing down.
And on the river, rowers screamed,
coxes cried and coaches dreamed

But not a word was spoken,
the Putney Church bells all were broken
And all the men behind the scenes -
Serg, Nancy and the whole damn styling team
Closed the doors and forgot their Hollywood hairdo dreams
the day his hair was dyed.


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