Society Rowing Rabbit, star of "rowing HELLO!" and national - nay worldwide television, likes to press the fur with the great and the good of the rowing world. Anywhere there is glamour, rowers and posh frocks - you may well spot a small furry bun bun.

Here are just a few of the people lucky enough to have their photo taken with the rabbit and his stand-in, ship's cat, who took over his social responsibilities whilst rabbit sailed around the world.

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Tim Foster Greg Searle Daniel Boyne Tim again! Nick Strange

Peter Haining James Cracknell Vaclav Chalupa Mr Abdullah Neil Wallace
Jonny Searle Iztop Cop Peter Snow Chas Newens Steve Rider
Mike Sweeney Simon Dennis Biff Simmons Stuart George Plumtree
2004 Australian coxed IV Phillip Schofield and Anne Robinson Andy Triggs Hodge Steve Gunn
Matt Deakin and Bryan Volpenheim  with gold olympic medal Lianne Nelson and Laurel Korholz with sliver olympic medal Sarah Winkless with bronze olympic medal Rick Dunn
rabbit does the 2004 global challenge

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